Aamer Wins His Hearing, July 1

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Three judges sitting at Edinburgh High Court ruled on 1 July that human rights lawyer Aamer Anwar DID NOT commit contempt of court in statements he made following the conviction of his client, Mohammed Atif Siddique, on “terrorism” charges last September.

Read Aamer’s statement after the decision here.

The three judges sitting for the hearing called him “angry” and “petulant,” however.

Herald report

Scotsman report

Scotsman editorial

The Law Society of Scotland could still make a decision to punish or censure him in some way. It’s important to post your messages of support for Aamer here and keep up our defence of his free speech to the Law Society.

BBC News has a good video of the protesters supporting Aamer. Supporters including Tommy Sheridan, Osama Saeed, and Nicola Fisher speak in the video.

Interesting Feature in Sunday Herald Magazine on Aamer

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Showing the stress and tension of the upcoming case and a glimpse into his personal life.

Edinburgh Public SACC meeting for Aamer Saturday

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Doors open 1.30pm
Friends Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terrace, Edinburgh, EH1 2JL
(terrace above Victoria St, map: http://tinyurl.com/5zew38. Approach up steps from Victoria St, or wheelchair access via close from Lawnmarket)

Light snacks will be available from 1.30pm

Speakers include: Paddy Hill (Birmingham 6), Professor David Miller (Strathclyde University), Nicola Fisher (Chair, Glasgow Stop the War Coalition), Professor Philip Taylor (Chokkar Family Justice Campaign), Jock Morris (Chair, Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees)
meeting chaired by: Zahid Ali (Co-Chair, Stop the War Coalition Scottish Steering Committee)

Human rights lawyer Aamer Anwar is facing contempt of court charges over statements he made on behalf of his client Mohammed Atif Siddique, convicted last year of “terrorism” as a result of activities on the internet. The case will be decided by three judges at the High Court in Edinburgh on 29-30 April. We hope that Saturday’s public meeting will give the wider public a chance to understand and discuss some of the issues raised by the case.

“As someone who has faced the most terrifying experience, as one of the ‘Birmingham Six’, beaten and tortured and wrongfully imprisoned for 17 years, I understand the importance of individuals who defend human rights. I would urge you to show your support for Aamer Anwar as someone who fights passionately for those under extreme attack and who is now himself under attack for standing up for his client. In a world where more and more people are being seen as suspects, the need for human rights lawyers has never been more crucial. Believe me you never think what happened to me can happen to you, but trust me the greatest gift in life is your freedom, treasure it because you never know when it can be taken away.” – Paddy Hill

Download flyer from http://www.sacc.org.uk/sacc/resources/26april08_w.pdf

Organisations supporting Aamer Anwar include:
Stop the War Coalition, Scotland Against Criminalising Communities, University and College Union (UCU) Glasgow University Branch, Muslim Action Committee (Glasgow mosques), Islamic Society of Edinburgh University, Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Islamic Human Rights Commission, Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers

More info 07936432519

All Out for Aamer’s Hearing This Tuesday

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Tue 29-Wed 30 April – Aamer Anwar in Court

from 9.30am, High Court, Lawnmarket (Royal Mile) Edinburgh

SACC, Stop the War Coalition and other organisations supporting Aamer Anwar would welcome support outside the court from 9.30am Tuesday

Please make a particular effort to get along at 9.30am on Tuesday 29 April. Support outside the court would also be welcome throughout Tuesday and Wednesday. Please come along even if you can only spare half an hour.

Transport leaves George Square Glasgow at 8am – ring 07912348366

Contact: Richard 07936432519

The online open letter to support Aamer Anwar is still open for signatures – over 800 people have signed so far.

Join Moazzam Begg, Gareth Peirce, Tony Benn and others by signing up to show your support at http://www.sacc.org.uk/aameranwar/index.php

“This is what happens to black boys with big mouths.”

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That’s what the Strathclyde Police said to Aamer Anwar, then a student organiser at Glasgow University, when they assaulted him in 1991.  Now Aamer Anwar is a prominent Muslim human rights lawyer who faces contempt of court charges for speaking out on behalf of a client.  If he is convicted he could lose his license to practice law or even face jail time.  This attack on Aamer Anwar is an attack on the free speech and civil liberties of everyone.  Lawyers, politicians, academics, trade unionists and community leaders are speaking up in support of Aamer. Please join the campaign to defend Aamer Anwar!

To get started, go here – this will tell you what’s going on and what you can do.